Varion Aufständerung Dreick 20° - 40°. Komplett

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20° flat roof mounting rack. Set with front + back foot.
Ready for shipping Weight: 3.6 kg
Solar module mounting feet. Set: Front + Back foot.
20 °. inclination 
Robust. Durable. Made of high quality aluminum.
Easy to install.

Suitable for standard polycrystalline modules with min. 97 cm width.
1 x Front Foot ("large")
1 x Rear Foot (!small").
Each foot with M8 stainless steel square nut for insertion into the channel
Fast installation:
  • landscape mount at 20 degree tilt angle
  • flexible mounting on flat roof, ballast or rails
  • approved for windspeeds up to 163 km/h
  • grounding option (potential earth)
- Panel clamps are not part of this offer, but are available in our shop (requires clamp + M8 hexagon socket screw).
How many Sets you need for your PV installation? 
"Number of panels per row + 1". Example 3 Modules in the same row = 4 sets are required.
Installation of photovoltaic modules on a flat surface. E.g. Flat roof, carport, garage. Garden. 20 ° module inclination.
Extremely robust design. Solid feet with additional ribs as reinforcement.
8 mm hole at the foot for attachment to the ground.
Important note on wind loads:
Wind can generate extreme forces. The wind load is often underestimated. Ensure that the panels are securely anchored. To further reduce the forces, the installation is recommended to install a wind shield on the back so that the wind can not attack under the module. If you screw the feet onto ballast blocks (for example, concrete plates), ensure sufficient weight. The statics must always be checked by a technically suitable person.




Scope of delivery

1 x Front Foot

1 x foot rear M8 x 25 mm

1 x square nut

& nbsp

Compatible for

Standard polycrystalline modules with a minimum width of 97 cm

Required number

"Number of panels + 1" per row



Mounting PV modules.

20 ° inclination.



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