10 pairs of hammerhead bolt + M8 locking nut, M8 x 30 mm. A2 stainless steel....

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10 pairs of hammerhead bolt + M8 locking nut, M8 x 30 mm. A2 stainless steel. M8x30 mm

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10 x hammer-head bolt, M8 x 30mm + M8 locking nut. V2A stainless steel, solar
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  M8x30 mm
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10 pair
M8 hammerhead bolt [Length Specified] + M8 flange nut DIN 6923

Made of stainless steel A2, length selectable 20, 30 or 40mm. Size of the
hammerhead: 10,1 x 22,8mm .

1 Set = 10 pairs ( hammerhead + flange nut)
Compatible with our roof hook for tiled roof Articel number #1403. Sufficient for 10 roof hooks.

For photovoltaic mounting rails with rail slot 10 or 11 mm. Pay attention to the version of your existing solar mounting rail.

Hammerhead bolts are also suitable for many other applications in steel construction, installation and home improvement.

The screw is made of stainless steel A2 and thus ensures a long life.

Specification Hammerhead Screw


stainless steel

Length Hammerhead Screw

Selectable: 20mm, 30mm, 40 mm

Number per Set

10 pairs (Hammerhead + flange nut)



Flange Nut

M8. DIN 6923. stainless steel.

Dimension Hammerhead

Head Lenght ( "b2"): 22,8 mm
Width ( „b1“): 10,1mm
Thickness (Maß „k1“): 4 mm


Attachment to solar rails
 Industrial building construction

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