Solar Middle Clamp. Frame Size: 30 - 50mm

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Solar Middle Clamp. Frame Size: 30 - 50mm
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Photovoltaic middle clamp:

Clamp + screw + sliding block

Completely stainless. Made of aluminum or stainless steel

Frame height selectable: 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 46mm, 50mm

+++ Note: End clamps can also be found in our shop +++

Per set = middle clamp (aluminum) + hexagon socket screw (stainless steel) + sliding block + washer (depending on frame height)


  • Very stable design
  • High wall thickness. No yielding or breaking of the clamp when tightening the hexagon socket screw
  • Set including slot nut and stainless steel hexagon socket screw. Slot nut with stainless steel spring ball for a secure fit
  • Material aluminum. For outdoor use.
  • Extra long clamping length: 70 mm. For a secure hold of the solar modules.
  • Grounding by notch on the jaw: this breaks through when tightening the anodized layer of the solar module frame and ground the frame
  • Convenient installation: The sliding block can be clicked into an "8" groove from above and can also be moved laterally to align the clamp position. Make sure your profiles are compatible with the sliding block.

For mounting framed photovoltaic modules. Frame height selectable. You will receive a complete attachment set. Including hexagon socket screw and slot nut. The sliding block is compatible with our 40x40mm aluminum profiles. These are provided above with an 8-groove for the shots of the sliding block. 

The sliding block can be clicked into the groove from above. Subsequently, the sliding block can still be moved laterally shifted in the groove. 

For the installation of the photovoltaic modules results in these clamps a gap between the modules of 20mm. Required overall length of your aluminum profile is thus number of module width + 20mm per clamp.

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