Hanger bolt M12x300mm. Stainless steel.Without 3x locknut + EPDM. Solar...

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Hanger bolt M12x300mm. Stainless steel.Without 3x locknut + EPDM. Solar Without (only bolt)

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Hanger bolt M12x300mm. Stainless steel. Option: With 3x locknut + EPDM. Solar
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Stainless steel hangar bolts M12 x 300 mm.
To mount photovoltaic aluminum rails to the roof and many other applications

Optional:  3 x M12 stainless steel nut + 1 x EPDM rubber sealing +++

Note: Hanger bolt is not pre-assembled. Optionally, nuts and gaskets can be selected. These are supplied loose and are to be mounted by the buyer +++

Application: For secure attachment of the aluminum profiles of your solar system on the roof. For example, on Eternit, aluminum and steel roofs.  

You get in this offer the hanger bolt. As an option, a set with 3x stainless steel nut and EPDM rubber seal can be additionally selected. The nuts and gasket are enclosed loose and are to be applied by the buyer to the screw.   

The hanger bolt is made of A2 stainless steel. This ensures a long life and high strength.   For the connection of the aluminum profile you need an adapter plate and a M10x25mm screw and nut. These parts and other accessories can also be found in our Shop.

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