Trapezoidal cross attachment. Mini rail. With end clamp. trapezoidal sheet

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Mounting rail for PV modules. Set with end clamp. Frame height: selectable Easy and quick installation on tin roofs and similar substrates. Includes EPDM gasket and pre-drilled holes for easy attachment Delivery: Mounting rail PV: length 15 cm. Width: 4 cm End terminal. Selectable for frame height: 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm M8 hexagon socket screw stainless steel. Length = "frame height + 5 mm" Slot nut with M8 bore circlip Particularities: Fast, cost-effective and easy installation of photovoltaic modules. Variable use. For tin roofs. But also on many other substructures Completely made of stainless material. Alu + stainless steel Already glued EPDM seal on the bottom Number of required sets for assembly: 1 module: 4 x end clamps fixing set. 2 modules next to each other: 4 x end clamps + 2 x middle clamp mounting set (available from us) 3 modules next to each other: 4 x end clamps + 4 x middle clamp mounting set ... All you need is additional drilling screws. These are also available from us Application: For mounting PV modules on metal roofs and many other surfaces. The mounting rail is already pre-cut to 15 cm and provided with an EPDM seal. There are 4 holes drilled. The set already contains the sliding block, screw and end clamp. Selectable to match the height of your solar modules. In our shop you will also find attachment sets with middle clamps. For the installation, make sure that the substrate is sufficiently stable. When mounting parallel to the trapezoidal sheet bead, make sure that a line load is applied to the high bead. The trapezoidal sheet should accordingly have sufficient thickness and bearing capacity. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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