APSystems 600W YC600 Micro Inverter 2 MPP Tracker VDE4105 Mini PV Solar WITH...

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APSystems 600W YC600 Micro Inverter 2 MPP Tracker VDE4105 Mini PV Solar WITH AC Cable Extension (4m)

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The latest microinverter from APSystems: YC600. Successor to the proven YC 500 

Higher performance, fully certified to VDE, 2 independent MPP trackers 

600Wp micro inverter from APSystems. Type YC600. 
With 2 MPP trackers for individual module control 2 DC connections VDE 4105 preinstalled! 
10-year limited manufacturer's warranty (*)


  • 1 x inverter APSystems YC600
  • OPTIONAL SELECTABLE: 1.8m field extension cable with unidirectional free wires for connection eg to subdistribution or plug

+++ For our inverters, the VDE 4105 is already preinstalled ex works by the manufacturer. Thus, the inverters offered by us in Germany may be connected to the grid.

All necessary certificates for the connection in Germany available: VDE4105 part 1, VDE 4105 integrated NA protection, VDE 0126, CE & EM download here VDE4105 certificate , download certificate NA protection , download data sheet inverter ++++

What characterizes the APSystem YC600?

  • 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty (*). Expandable to 20 years.
  • High quality and robust workmanship. Waterproof metal case.
  • Original MultiContact MC4 connector
  • Inverter power adapted to current module performance. 550VA continuous power, 600VA max power. Recommended for PV modules from 250Wp to 365Wp +
  • Wide voltage range: 22V - 45V input MPP voltage and 16V-55V operating voltage.
  • A financially strong company with more than 400Mw installation worldwide, including equipment of large plants. Own service center in Europe.
  • Maximum solar yield: 2 MPP trackers for individual module control
  • Flexibility: Easy extension of the system by later addition of further inverters
  • Use in Germany: The standard VDE 4105 is preinstalled on our inverters and only a connection in Germany is permitted
  • Safety: On DC side work is done with small voltages under 100V. This significantly increases safety compared to the high voltages of string inverters.
  • The inverter has "Anti Island". As soon as the inverter is disconnected from the grid, it switches off immediately.
  • Internal DC overvoltage protection category II and III.
  • Other optional accessories available: Monitoring unit ECU. For yield monitoring.Especially recommended for systems that consist of more than one inverter.

The latest micro inverter from the renowned manufacturer APSystems convinces with its robust technology, long service life and ensures with its 2 MPP trackers for always high solar yield, as each module is individually controlled. Ideal for setting up a mini PV system with 2 PV modules with feed into the house network. For example, on the balcony, carport, garage, garden or house roof.

For connection of 2 standard photovoltaic modules. Large input voltage range (= modular working voltage) of 22-45 V. Maximum 12A per MPP tracker.

The inverter has 2 MPP trackers. What advantage does that bring? Each photovoltaic module is controlled separately. Thus, both modules may be aligned differently. For example, one module to the west, the other to the east to optimize self-consumption. For inverters with only one MPP tracker, both modules must be aligned identically.

VDE version. For 230V / 50 Hz. Ideal also for the construction of larger plants. The inverters can be interconnected via the endless AC field cable.

Ideal for all rooftop systems with different module orientations or difficult shading situations.

With 2x DC connection (MultiContact MC4) as well as AC field connection plug.

Optional with field cable and open end (for 1-phase AC connection, phase + neutral.) Note: earthing must be routed separately directly to the earthing terminal of the housing).

Notes on installation: 
As with any microinverter, the installation may only be carried out by an electr. Skilled person. By default, the installation is done via a fixed sub-distribution. By installing a plug, however, the inverter can also be used as a "Plug & Play" system. However, local regulations must be observed and technical measures taken to ensure safe operation. Also for this applies as for all Plug & Save systems: installation by an electr. Professional.

During initial commissioning (PV modules and AC side connected) the inverter LED flashes RED first, then 3 x green => PV modules installed correctly. Inverter initialized. Afterwards the green LED flashes (2 sec. Clock). This means that the inverter is feeding.

The inverter works exclusively in grid-parallel operation. Not as an offgrid application. So it must be the home network.

To monitor the current power, for example, an ammeter can be interposed or optionally the APSystem communication unit can be purchased (ECU).


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