Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screw 6.0x25mm EPDM Advantage Pack 10x - 100x...

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Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screw 6.0x25mm EPDM Advantage Pack 10x - 100x Thin Sheet Solar

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Thin sheet self-drilling screw 6.0x25mm.
With 14mm EPDM bi-metal seal: stainless steel with hardened drill bit
Fixing solar substructure on trapezoidal sheet roof
Advantage pack: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x

Self-drilling screw 6.0 x 25mm. Stainless steel with hardened metal tip. 
14mm EPDM gasket. 
Number selectable. 


  • Drilling and screwing in one operation The screw does not mill the material, but displaces it. This almost no drilling chips.Drilling chips lead to rusting of the trapezoidal sheet
  • Particularly firm hold by forming a collar in the sheet metal. In these threads of the screw are cut bi-metal. Stainless steel screw with hardened drill point
  • Special lubricious coating. Perfect for solar mounting on thin sheet (trapezoidal sheet metal)
  • Integrated 14mm washer with EPDM gasket

For mounting mounting frames on trapezoidal roof panels. For example, our aluminum trapezoidal sheet holder. 

The Bohrschraubenspitze pierces the sheet and cuts the thread in a single pass in the trapezoidal sheet. The material is not milled, but displaced. As a result, drilling chips are almost avoided. In addition, a collar is formed in the well, into which the hardened drill bit cuts a thread. The formation of the collar ensures that sufficient material is available even with thin sheets and correspondingly enough threads are cut into the sheet. The threads ensure a secure hold and allow the absorption of high tensile forces. 

Recommendation: Minimum thickness of trapezoidal sheet: 0.5mm. 

If you screw aluminum profiles (typical thickness 2 - 4mm) onto the sheet, it is recommended to pre-drill the aluminum profile. For example with 5mm. This ensures that the aluminum profile is pulled cleanly onto the trapezoidal sheet metal. 

The EPDM seal integrated in the washer ensures tightness. The screw should be tightened so that the disc and the EPDM lie flat and pressed firmly. However, it is important to avoid that the screw is coated so that the EPDM swells out heavily on the sides. 

Since it is a self-tapping screw, no old holes in the sheet metal may be reused. It is therefore not allowed to remove any old screws from the sheet metal and to use the existing holes for fastening with the thin sheet metal screws.

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