Alu 90 ° angle. PV connection bracket aluminum rail. Cross bracing. Solar....

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Alu 90 ° angle. PV connection bracket aluminum rail. Cross bracing. Solar. Interconnects.

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90 ° connection angle. Alu. Cross connector. Profile connector. 
Approximately 58 x 38 mm. 
6mm wall thickness 
Material aluminum with 2 x slot for M8 screw.

The 90 ° angle serves as a connector of aluminum rails. For example, to build a cross connection (two layers) for the installation of a photovoltaic system. But also for many other applications for the connection of aluminum profiles.
The two slots are each for receiving a M8 screw and allow a comfortable adjustment of the connection.
The wall thickness of 6 mm ensures a particularly high strength. Furthermore, a ribbing is embossed on all surfaces. This ensures a good fit and clean adjustment.
The angle fits standard aluminum profiles. With us you get suitable accessories such as M8 hammer head bolts, flange nuts, sliding blocks and other fasteners.

- Material: aluminum
- Slotted holes: 2 pieces for M8 screw mounting
- angular mass: approx. 58 x 38 mm
- Length slot 1: approx. 40 mm (including radii)
- Length of slot 2: approx. 20mm (including radii)
- Angle width: Approx. 40 mm
- Wall thickness: 6 mm

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