Profile connector M10 screws static bearing connection. For 40x40mm rail

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40x40x3 mm rail connector for aluminum profiles 

Static load bearing due to M10 screw connection and robust design
Suitable for 40mm aluminum profiles with groove channel bottom for mounting M10 hexagon screw

++++ Note: This profile connector is only compatible with our profiles with 40x40mm cross section ++++

  • 1 x profile connector. Alu.40x40mm. Wall thickness 3 mm.
  • 2 pair M10x25 hexagon bolt & locking nut

special feature: 

Special feature of this profile connector is the sturdy design - 40x40mm with 3mm wall thickness - and the fixed screw connection with the aluminum rails. Thus, a statically carrying connection is achieved. The M10 screws have a very high strength. 

Other types of connections such as push-in connectors are not compatible, as insert connectors are only loosely inserted into the profile. 

A load-bearing connection between the profiles is particularly important if one or both profile pieces protrude long, so have a large distance to the roof hook. When using push-in connectors or the like, the profiles can then buckle under snow load. In these connectors, however, a firm connection between the two profiles is produced which carries static.

For connecting photovoltaic aluminum profiles. Suitable for profiles with 40mm cross-section and with bottom for mounting an M10 screw (DIN 933) 

Including 2 pairs M10x25mm screw (DIN 933) and M10 flange nut (DIN 6923). 

Profile connector made of aluminum. Stainless steel screws and nuts.

The statics must always be checked by the customer.

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